Deere’s 9RX Tractor Gathers Interest at #Classic16

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classic16-deere-9rxJohn Deere Senior Marketing Representative Kevin Lowe was a busy man at the 2016 Commodity Classic as he shared Deere’s hottest, new tractor– the 9RX series. Announced just this past August, the 9RX 4 track tractors are in production right now and will be available to customers this spring.

The tractor generated a lot of interest with customers, and John Deere is pretty excited about it too. Now they offer three machine forms; the wheel, a 2 track, and a 4 track option. Lowe says the 4 track offers customers another choice, one with several advantages.

“The main advantage of the four track machine, depending on their operation, they’re going to have less compaction PSI with that machine versus a traditional wheel machine. That machine also allows our guys to turn under load, get out to the field quicker, because we know they have those very short window where they need to get out there,” Lowe said.

The tractor also features a state-of-the-art cab, with Command View 3 and a 4th generation command center among other tools for the precision grower.

With several years put into the development, Deere’s emphasis has been “innovation, not imitation.”  It seems they have accomplished just that.  Lowe says he’s already met customers who have ordered an 9RX model and are anxious to get it home.  “They just have some questions about what makes it different,” he tells AgWired.  “They’re really just excited to see John Deere come out with one.”

And with four models to choose from, the 9470, 9520, 9570, 9620 Deere definitely has a solution for you.

Listen to the full interview here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Kevin Lowe, John Deere”]

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