Botlink Offers First Internet-Connected Drone

Kelly MarshallAerial Imagery, Agribusiness, Cloud, drone

BotlinkBotlink has created the first Internet-connected 3DR Solo drone.  Solo uses Botlink’s XRD cellular device to capture, process and deliver images to the cloud in real time.

The Botlink XRD is an FCC-approved cellular device that allows users to send and receive data through a secure connection to the Verizon LTE network. The XRD includes antennas that pick up high-bandwidth LTE signals in rural areas as though they were in the center of a metropolitan area. This means high-resolution photos, NDVI images and more can be sent anywhere, while the drone is still airborne. Solo can also be controlled through the cellular connection or via radio control, with redundant capability through the connection not currently in use.

To use Botlink’s free Android and web apps users connect the small XRD device to the drone or purchase a pre-configured 3DR Solo.  The app allows you to control and command Solo with mission planning, automated flight control and situation awareness tools.  The display shows a georeferenced map, as well as the exact location of your drone in relation to restricted airspace, nearby manned aircraft and incoming weather.

“Botlink is committed to connecting drones to industry in real time”, said Botlink COO Shawn Muehler. “An Internet-connected Solo means our customers now have access to a light-duty drone for commercial use. This allows them to capture, stitch and distribute aerial imagery in real time, while flying safe and maintaining compliance with FAA regulations.”

This new technology gives users in multiple locations access to real-time, stitched imagery that can be used for surveying, mapping, remote job site monitoring, asset/equipment monitoring, change detection and project evolution tracking.

Production on the new devices is wrapping up and the Solo should be ready for shipping in March, 2016.  Check their website to pre-order or to request information.