Agribotix Honored for Superior Drone & Data Platform

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, Award, Data, drone, technology

agribotix1Agribotix LLC has been awarded the 2016 North American Frost & Sullivan Award for Enabling Technology Leadership.  The award is presented to Agribotix for their Enduro and Hornet agricultural drones and the FarmLens data analytics platform.  These tools have been analyzed as an ideal precision agriculture solution set for increasing crop yield, improving quality and increasing efficiency and profitability.

Agribotix focuses on the innovative use of drones in agriculture by delivering an easy-to-use, end-to-end solution to customers that have little or no experience in operating a drone. The Enduro quad-copter drone has impressive battery life and can cover up to 160 acres in a single, 22-minute flight. Most fields in North America are less than 160 acres in area, which makes the Enduro the ideal choice for farmers. Additionally, it is capable of vertical take-off and landing, giving it an advantage over fixed-wing drones in the smaller application segments. For larger fields, Agribotix offers the Hornet, a fixed-wing drone.

Meanwhile, FarmLens™ is a software service that analyzes the imagery and data from the drones to provide intuitive, actionable intelligence to farmers. It is compatible with a variety of other drones and provides data that can be imported into other precision farm equipment, making it an extremely flexible and easy-to-deploy solution.

“Leveraging drones and the FarmLens™ platform, farmers can calculate germination rates and weed locations to better understand yields and their field’s performance,” said Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Sumit Kumar Pal. “Agribotix’s initiatives to implement various technologies in imaging, drones and data analytics clearly set it apart in the North American PA market.”

The Agribotix’s precision agriculture solution can be used for variable rate application, irrigation monitoring, calculating stand density and generation of normalized difference vegetation indices among others.

Frost & Sullivan present this award each year to a company that has pioneered technology that improves current products and opens doors for new applications and products.  It recognizes the potential of the selected technology.