Trials Show NutriMag Maximizes Yield

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, Fertilizer, Nitrogen

NutriMagFor farmers looking to maximize yields while minimizing, costs, NutriMag is proving to be a solution for potato, corn, soybean, alfalfa and wheat growers.  A new series of trials by Innovative AgSolutions all showed increases in yield and produced visibly  healthier plants.

“The NutriMag™ treated wheat is yielding in some areas – up to 30 bushels per acre more than the control plots,” said John Kast of Kast Farms, Albion, New York.  “NutriMag™ paid for itself just in what we saved with lower moisture content, not to mention the yield bump.”

“The positive impact of NutriMag™ Foliar was evidenced early in the potato tissue test results,” said Alvin Winslow of Grounded Research LLC, New Gloucester, ME. “These benefits carried over to harvest with increased yields and more marketable tubers. We definitely have a good new option for foliar feeding magnesium on potatoes.”

Replicated randomized test plot trials were conducted during the 2015 growing season at potato, grain corn, soybean, alfalfa and wheat farms in New York State and New England. They are the most comprehensive trials yet for the NutriMag™ product in these regions. NutriMag™ is not limited to the crops that were tested for these trials but in all farming applications that use magnesium chloride.

“We are thrilled at the results of the trials,” said Jeremy Schulz, Agricultural Sales Manager for Innovative AgSolutions. “Farmers already know the benefits of magnesium fertilizer but many magnesium products have limitations. With NutriMag™, farmers have a new, easy to use liquid magnesium fertilizer solution that can be used throughout the growing season to help maximize yields without significant changes to their everyday farming practices.”

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