CropMetrics to be Featured on Discovery

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, Conservation, technology

Cropmetrics-innovationsCropMetrics, an agriculture company specializing in precision irrigation and advanced agronomic solutions, will be features in an episode of Innovations on the Discovery channel.  Viewers will have the opportunity to learn about CropMetrics’ mission to develop and supply precision management technology solutions that increase water, nutrient and energy efficiency while practicing natural resource conservation.

“We are very excited to share our story with the Innovations viewers. Today, farmers are faced with more decisions and obstacles than ever before. From rising input costs- to government mandated water restrictions, CropMetrics brings together powerful technology and local agronomy support to help farmers increase yields while decreasing input cost and maximizing grower profit. Our revolutionary technology is a game changer,” said Nick Emanuel, CropMetrics President.

CropMetrics is a leader in Precision Irrigation Management with the introduction of the first commercially available full-service Variable Rate Irrigation program. CropMetrics continues its pursuit in innovation and strives to deliver ultimate value to the grower customer.

“CropMetrics’ seamless integration of its unique offerings provides the framework for large-scale, data-driven, precision agronomic services that are readily marketed and supported by professional trained Precision Data Specialists,” said Peter Golding, Producer for the Series. “We look forward to this exciting educational segment.”

Innovations is hosted by Ed Begley Jr and aims to educate the public on the newest breakthroughs in all areas of society.  Show personnel specialize in a variety of industries such as agriculture and medicine to areas like regional news and independent films.

Date and time for the release of the show have not yet been announced.