Geringhoff Products Offer New Possibilities

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, Equipment, Harvesting

GeringhoffTwo new corn heads and a flex draper are being offered by Geringhoff, a global leader in harvest equipment.  Their new Independence product line will help growers with the challenges of harvesting multiple planting configurations and running on hilly terrain.

The new Independence product line includes two products that provide corn growers the flexibility to plant in any configuration: the Freedom™ and Patriot™ Corn Heads. The Freedom allows growers to choose optimal corn planting configurations based on their conditions without worrying how they will harvest the crop. The Freedom’s newly designed, angled, two-chain system optimizes crop feeding, maximizes yield retention and reduces crop loss and plugging. Its radical new gear box design can handle row spacing of various planting configurations. Also, its Rota Disc technology offers best-in-class residue processing, which is critical for high population corn.

“These new corn heads are designed for leading-edge growers who are pushing yields to new heights,” said Tosh Brinkerhoff, president and CEO of Geringhoff North America. “Our breakthrough technology has been proven to handle high yields in tough conditions, and gives growers the freedom to farm with more options than ever before.”

The TruFlex Razor combines a flexible cutter bar with a flexible frame and segmented reel.  It offers precision soybean harvest unmatched in the industry.  It delivers on-the-ground cutting, even on hill ground and the center knife drive, center belt drive and integrated airflow system minimize loses during harvest.

For more information on these and other Geringhoff products, contact your local dealer or Geringhoff representative.