Global Food Security Forum At World Ag Expo

Taylor TruckeyAg Group, Farmers, Food, USDA

world ag expoThe Farm Journal Foundation has asked key panelists to discuss global food security and agriculture policies during the “Global Food Security Forum” today at the World Ag Expo. The discussion will focus on balancing the challenges of feeding a growing population and developing policy to ensure food security.

“I’ve met many inspirational farmers from around the world, and while the languages we speak, the crops we grow, and the production methods we use may differ, one thing rings true in every conversation: we share the same passions and the same challenges in feeding a growing world population,” said Krysta Harden, Deputy Secretary of Agriculture.

Dr. Stephanie Mercier will introduce the session, which will include special guest U.S. Deputy Secretary of Agriculture Krysta Harden. California Cattle producer Jesse Larios of Foster Feed Yard and Associate Director of the Institute for Food and Agriculture at Fresno State University Bill Erysian, PhD along with other key leaders.

The lead farmer for the California Farm Journal Foundation Farm Team and local cattleman, Jesse Larios, will share his perspective as a local producer. “I am very thankful to belong to this great group of farmers that are leading the fight on something I hold close to my heart: Fighting Hunger. In this day and age Hunger is just morally incorrect. With today’s advances, no one should sleep hungry.”

Members of the community are welcome to attend the Global Food Security Forum to hear from policymakers and thought leaders as they discuss the important role U.S. agriculture can and must play in ensuring the world produces enough food to feed an ever-growing population.