New Education Materials Available about Weeds

Kelly MarshallEducation, Weed control

wssaYou can now find newly updated materials about weeds on the Weed Science Society of America (WSSA) website.  The fact sheets are available to download for free.

New offerings includes information that helps identify similarities and differences among several categories of weeds, including so-called “super weeds.”  A new definition of “weed” has also been endorsed by the WSSA.

“There are many definitions for a ‘weed’ found on the web and in other reference materials – ranging from the very simple to the very complex,” says Lee Van Wychen, Ph.D., science policy director for WSSA. “We decided it was time for us to distill the best and most accurate aspects of those into a single definition that clearly reflects the significance of weeds on our world.”

WSSA’s new definition is now, “a plant that causes economic losses or ecological damage, creates health problems for humans or animals, or is undesirable where it is growing.”

You can also find the newest version of the Facts about Weeds brochure, with many informational facts and tidbits, or access a special, online issue of the Weed Science journal.

A large global team of weed scientists helped to develop this special issue. Nilda Roma-Burgos of the University of Arkansas and Stephen O. Duke of the United States Department of Agriculture-Agricultural Research Service served as editors.

“Our goal was to produce a consolidated reference, authored by experts in various fields of weed science, that presents updated protocols for designing and conducting weed science experiments and for analyzing research data,” says Nilda Roma-Burgos, a member of the team who helped develop the journal.  “We believe the information will be invaluable for students and young weed scientists, as well as senior practitioners.”