New Climate FieldView Drive Simplifies Data

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, Data, John Deere, Monsanto

the_climate_corporation_logoThe Climate Corporation‘s new FieldView Drive will allow farmers to easily transfer data from their tractor or combine to their Climate FieldView account on an iPad.  FieldView Drive uses a controller area network (CAN) diagnostic port and Bluetooth tech to map the field using key data like hybrid, planting population, and yield.  When combined with FieldView Plus, the data can appear in real-time for better understanding of hybrid performance and soil zones.

“We created FieldView Drive to provide a simple solution to help farmers unlock the value of field data,” said Doug Sauder, senior director of product for The Climate Corporation. “FieldView Drive works with our FieldView Plus™ software to enable farmers to collect, store and view field map data in a single mobile tool in real time. It represents a significant advancement in data management because it provides farmers with the data they need right in the field to help them make important operating decisions.”

Data from any piece of a farmer’s equipment that has a FieldView Drive is automatically synced with the farmer’s Climate FieldView account. This seamless integration makes it easy for all of a farmer’s employees and trusted advisors with access to the account to stay in the loop. Since the FieldView Drive connection to the farmer’s Climate FieldView account is real-time, farmers can stay up-to-date on critical field operations even when they’re not in the cab through text alerts, email reports and RemoteView. Data can also easily be shared with trusted advisors to enable fast and easy collaboration.

During 2015 planting and harvest, FieldView Drive and FieldView Plus were beta tested with more than 300 farmers across the Corn Belt. The beta spanned 650,000 crop acres, with more than five billion unique data points mapped and more than 75,000 hours of FieldView Drive time logged.

This year the new program will be available for use with select John Deere and Case IH planters and John Deere combines.