Soil Health Partnership Continues To Grow

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nick-goeserNick Goeser, Director of the Soil Health Partnership as well as Director of Soil Health and Sustainability for the NCGA, gives us an update on what to expect at the Soil Health Summit as well as future plans.

“The Soil Health Summit is a number of different topics combined together. First we’re focusing on innovation, innovation in agriculture production. We’re looking at conservation practices as technologies and trying to focus on those while also being educational, telling people about the different options they might use on their operations.” It’s not all fun and games, attendees are also treated to an evening reception.

As the SHP continues to grow and focus on understanding the economic benefits of soil health, in addition to the environmental, they’ve set a goal to enroll 100 farmers over the next 5 years to have an adequate representation of a variety of regions. Goeser also elaborated on the collaboration with AgSolver and what it means for growers involved in the project.

“Every farmer will be able able to use AgSolver’s precision business management software to identify and help enable them to make better decisions on their land.” Goeser explained.

After Summit, the Soil Health Partnership will be heading directly into planning for future events while getting 2016 research strip plots planned and data from 2015 aggregated. The Soil Health Partnership has an exciting couple of years ahead with the support companies and demo farmers who are supporters of their mission.

Listen to the rest of Nick’s interview: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Nick Goeser, Soil Health Partnership”]

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