Green Leaf Brings Lechler Nozzles To US Market

Taylor TruckeySpraying, Tractor

greenGreen Leaf, Inc has introduced Lechler Inc.’s IDTA asymmetrical twin flat spray air induction nozzles to the U.S. and Canadian markets. The nozzle is designed to improve spray coverage of treated crops, specifically on the front and rear sides. These gains are achieved by the asymmetrical design featuring spray angles, pattern widths, and flow rates that work together for ideal target coverage and drift reduction.

Lechler’s patented “pinch to remove” maintenance system that allows the nozzle to be checked and cleaned quickly, drastically reducing down time. It is recommended for insecticides, fungicides, and plant growth regulators in agricultural and turf applications.

The Lechler IDTA asymmetrical twin flat spray air induction nozzle from Green Leaf features:
· Higher drift reduction across the entire working range of flow and pressure.
· One-piece nozzle fits bayonet style nozzle body connection systems.
· Twin flat spray jets with 30-degree front and 50-degree rear directional patterns.
· 120-degree wide front pattern, with 60% of the flow rate.
· 90-degree wide rear pattern, with 40% of the flow rate.
· A finer droplet spectrum to the front provides optimal coverage.
· A coarser droplet spectrum to the rear reduces drift and captures fines.
· Use for boom end and border applications.
· Increased coverage on vertical targets, with more deposition on front and rear sides of plants.
· Ceramic core for long service life.

The IDTA asymmetrical twin flat spray air induction nozzle brings a new standard in double flat fan technology, demonstrating marked improvements in both application and user safety. The nozzle will be available in ISO sizes 02 through 08 and available exclusively from Green Leaf and their retailers.