Forecast Calls for Dormex

Cindy ZimmermanFruit, Grapes

DormexThe strongest El Nino on record is causing serious rainfall across the country and growers are more concerned than ever about proper application timing to get the best results from their plant growth regulator (PGR) and Dormex® can help. Dormex® growth regulator is a chemical “dormancy breaking” agent and has proven to be rainfast within as little as 4 hours.

Dormex works best when applied 30 days before budbreak. California and other production areas contain a myriad of microclimates, meaning bud break can vary greatly between locations. Knowing that Dormex has a 4-hour rainfast feature assists growers in getting every field treated.

Steve Krask, President of Dormex Company LLC understands these concerns. Krask explains, “We are confident Dormex can perform when it is rainfree for as little as 4 hours after application, because it rapidly penetrates the plant tissue and produces results. We hope that growers armed with this information can better plan their applications and proceed with confidence.”

Dormex is manufactured by AlzChem AG which produces specialty agriculture products.