Fertilizer Industry Extends Beyond Ag

Taylor TruckeyAgribusiness, Fertilizer

AN-logo-tagline2When thinking of precision ag topics, large-scale farming typically comes front of mine. However, there are rapidly expanding areas of agriculture that are becoming hard to miss. Cannabis Now, the country’s leading magazine for the cannabis growing industry, has released its list of the “Top 25 Cannabusinesses of 2015,” and innovative nutrient manufacturer Advanced Nutrients, widely recognized as the #1 marijuana fertilizer brand in the world with sales in 89 countries, placed fourth on the prestigious list. The publication’s glowing review of the products and business model used by Advanced Nutrients points to a successful future for the organization.

“In the next three to five years, the cannabis business is going to radically change — more than it has during my previous 33 years in the business. I am pleased Cannabis Now Magazine has recognized Advanced Nutrients as an industry leader helping to shape legal marijuana’s future alongside other great luminaries,” says company CEO “Big Mike” Straumietis.

The “Top 25 Cannabusinesses of 2015” is a comprehensive list of every business in the cannabis growing industry that has made a positive contribution to growers and product developers. The list includes business advisors, cannabis-based food manufacturers, information suppliers and delivery services that work solely within the cannabis growing industry. As the number of states that are allowing the use of cannabis heightens, the business possibilities within the industry are heightening as well. Advanced Nutrients finds itself at the upper-tier of businesses that are acting as pioneers in a developing industry.