MetaFarms Launches Web-based Assessment Tracking

Jamie JohansenAgribusiness, Software

metafarmsMetaFarms, Inc., launches of Assurance — a new component to web-based platform designed specifically for livestock production audit and assessment tracking.

MetaFarms sees an increasing need and demand for a simpler way to enter and track various assessments, such as the Common Swine Industry Audit and PQA Plus, created by the National Pork Board. The Assurance tool will help the livestock industry meet goals and standards for safe food, animal well-being, environment, worker safety and increasing consumer awareness of food issues.

“As the emphasis on compliance and animal welfare continues to increase in the livestock industry, it’s important that our customers are prepared,” said Chad Becker, MetaFarms CEO. “Assurance provides innovative and easy-to-use assessment capabilities that will help bring visibility to highlight practices and improve deficiencies to build and protect your company and brand.”

Brian Parker, vice president of market development, said, “Assurance offers users a streamlined approach that increases efficiencies by eliminating redundant double entries, improving accuracy and giving users easy access to actionable information. As a part of the existing MetaFarms integrated platform, data and reporting through Assurance can be rolled up at an organizational level or narrowed down to an individual site, adding visibility and increased accountability to livestock operations.”

Assurance also allows users to enter assessment results on their mobile device and later sync that data. A high degree of customization gives flexibility to create, schedule and review assessments to fit a particular producer’s needs.