Syngenta has a Proven Plan for Bulk Deliveries in 2016

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, Herbicides, Insecticide, Planting, Syngenta

syngentaSyngenta is more than ready for the rush of the 2016 growing season.  They have carefully inspected their delivery system to insure growers and retailers will have access to the products when and where they need them.

“We analyze every step of the supply chain from point A to point Z with all our products, so that we will have the right amount of inventory on hand to meet growers’ needs,” said Stephanie Neese, national bulk equipment specialist at Syngenta.

The company is confident they can meet inventory needs because much of the corn and soybean crop protection products are shipped in bulk.  They also credit their success in shipping to the effective communication that starts with growers and goes through retailers, Syngenta sales reps, distributors, key account managers, and other Syngenta specialists.  The team focuses on monitoring sales and weather forecasts, which allows them to provide adequate in-season delivery across the country.

A recent success story involved Acuron® corn herbicide, the latest weed management solution from Syngenta. It received regulatory approval in April, just a few weeks before its application window ended.

“We knew the approval of Acuron would likely come right in the heart of battle for our customers,” said Neese.

Syngenta was able to deliver bulk supplies of the herbicide on time to retailers, including Brandon Koch, a sales agronomist with All Points Cooperative in Cozad, Nebraska. He took orders for about 500 gallons of Acuron within two hours of receiving news of state registration. He then sold another 1,000 gallons the next week.

“We’re asking the ‘what if’ questions now so we can work toward making sure our customers get their bulk deliveries when they are going full-speed ahead next year,” Neese said. “We’re always looking ahead to what’s next.”