New Draper Platforms for John Deere Windrowers

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, Harvesting, Hay, John Deere

OverallThe new John Deere 500 Series Draper Platforms are the perfect addition to the W235 and W260 Self-Propelled Windrowers.  The combination offers growers improved operational control, constant header speed and best-in-class cutting performance, even in challenging conditions.  The 500 series is offered in three models, ranging from 25 to 36 feet.

“The 500D Series Draper Platforms are designed to maximize performance in cutting and windrow formation while also lowering costs of operation,” says Jeremy Unruh, product line marketing manager for John Deere. “Customers that want either a dedicated draper/windrower platform or both a draper and a rotary platform that’s easily integrated with a single traction unit now have a solution.”

Unruh explains that the new platforms are interchangeable with rotary heads on the W235 and W260. “By using a single John Deere traction unit with the new 500D for small grains, and a 994, 995 or 500R Rotary Platform for hay, producers can save up to 35 percent compared with the cost of two machines and two heads.”

The new Draper Platforms come with a variety of features that boost machine performance in small grain harvesting and improved operator convenience. Rotary heads can be removed and one of three different 500D Series Drapers can be placed on the traction unit in 30 minutes or less. Producers can also cut more acres per day compared to the W150/435D combination thanks to an additional foot of cutting width, higher horsepower with Constant Header Speed and integrated AutoTrac™, which can reduce overlap up to 90 percent compared to manual operation.

In addition, 500D Series Drapers are equipped with quick-change reel teeth, which require few tools and a simple 90-degree turn to remove and replace a broken tooth. This allows for more efficient operation and increased cutting time in the field.

“Customers can now get more torque when cutting in difficult conditions with the 500D Series Drapers, thanks to new center belt drives,” adds Unruh. ”The belts are being driven from the center of the platform and not the end, resulting in more consistent performance from end to end. This also prevents slipping and excessive belt wear, saving money on maintenance.”