Albaugh Opens New Seed Treatment Tech Center

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, seed, technology

Albaugh LLCMemphis, Tennessee is the home of the new Albaugh, LLC seed treatment technology center.  The center aims to improve the discovery and development of biological as well as traditional seed treatment technology.

The new seed treatment technology center will expand Albaugh’s capabilities to evaluate and develop potential seed treatment product concepts and deliver innovative offers to growers. The new facility will contain a dedicated laboratory to conduct biological assays, microscopy and nutritional analysis of plants with an emphasis on plant pathology, entomology and nematology.   The facility will also house a dedicated area to evaluate plantability and dust-off potential of seed treatments as well as capabilities to treat seed for R&D evaluations. Temperature controlled growth rooms will facilitate efficacy evaluations of seed treatments on key crops.

“We are excited about the opportunity to open a new technology center to support our seed treatment platform,” says Spencer Vance, President of North America business for Albaugh, LLC.  “Seed treatments are clearly a growth segment and Albaugh is focused on innovative technology and our investment in the new seed treatment technology center will help us deliver that technology to the market.”

Albaugh currently boasts a robust seed treatment market portfolio, and the new expansion is being designed to further meet customer’s needs. “The seed treatment technology center is a commitment to the seed treatment industry and our focus on innovation,” says Chris Zita, Commercial Director of Seed Treatments, Albaugh, LLC.

“Growers are looking for seed treatments that enhance performance and provide a positive return on investment,” stated Albaugh’s Technical Manager David Long, PhD.  The use of seed treatments and seed treatment offers continue to grow with seed companies and growers, and Albaugh is expanding its seed treatment technology platform with new product concepts. The Albaugh seed treatment technology center will help us evaluate and more efficiently deliver technically superior products to the seed treatment market.”