DuPont Pioneer Focused on Boosting Yields

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brodyBrody Benton, DuPont Crop Protection, gave us an update at TradeTalk about ways growers can take advantage of sound agronomics from DuPont Crop Protection and Pioneer seed salespeople to improve profits during a difficult time with low commodity prices. Brody says there are two avenues to maintain profitability at a time like this: either cut input costs or produce more bushels.

Producing more bushels gets you more net profit in the end. DuPont Technical Sales Agronomists are working one-on-one with growers and Pioneer sales reps to get the right products in the right place to boost their yields.

The current challenges in the industry also present opportunities. If you want to work with a sound, farm-centric agronomy team, contact your local DuPont Crop agronomist and Pioneer salesperson to maximize farm profits in 2016.

Brody also mentioned the TruChoice Advantage rebate incentive. “Growers are saying ‘I don’t want to wait a year for my rebate, I want to utilize it now’. Working with Pioneer, we said let’s take a portion of that rebate and apply it to your seed order reducing your costs this season.”

To hear more of Brody’s interview: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Brody Benton, DuPont Crop Protection”]

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