Cargill Celebrating 150 Years

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cargill_logoCargill is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year and during the recent NAFB Trade Talk we spoke with Tony Nuemann of Cargill Ag to learn more about the company.

Nuemann says Cargill’s grain marketing contracts, with ProPricing being one of the most popular, have grown and expanded over the years to help farmers.

“We were trying to find a market of farmers who didn’t enjoy marketing their grain. Turns out that is fairly large audience. Managed contracts let farmers do more of what they like doing, which is farming. It’s about finding someone you trust and want to work with to help manage that risk for you,” he said. “We want farmers to be committing the percentage of grain that they are comfortable with. We find that the people who try to guess how we’re going to trade in a year don’t do as well as those who contract a specific percentage to be managed.”

With a presence in 67 countries, Cargill is one of the first to know if something happens that could have an effect on grain prices. The ProPricing program had over 10K farmers enroll bushels which returned over $300mil in value to farmers.

In this interview, Nuemann also talks about NextField, Cargill’s Precision Ag department: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Tony Nuemann, Cargill Ag”]

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