FarmEngine Platform Aims To Streamline On-Farm Decisions

Taylor TruckeyCropTrak, Farm Management, technology

iCropTrak, makers of mobile farm management and agriculture decision tools, are stepping up to the plate even further with FarmEngine.

iCropTrakFarmEngine aims to fill a gap in data management within farm operations by streamlining the decision-making process for growers and their advisors (think co-ops, consultants, and retailers). Using Rules, which are set based on if/then statements, growers can create reminders, action items, and alerts, among a few other tools. Rules can be set by the grower or by their advisor to determine the proper time to take actions such as work requests, spray tasks, scouting alerts based on GDD, chemical applications, tank mixing rules, and many, many more tasks. The Status capability allows growers and advisors to track where action items are at in regards to progress, planting information, and scouting information as a few examples.

FarmEngine also offers enhanced history capabilities to track the Rules and Actions set throughout the season for year-end review and future use, in addition, recording the conditions surrounding events in that event. For example, if a work request is issued for a spray-related task, FarmEngine can store the data beyond the actual task and include the who, what, when, where, and weather at the time the action was taken. Information in this capacity and detail is vital to management decisions looking forward. In addition, this portion of the tool is able to provide value when it comes to tracking events and surrounding factors for other areas like crop insurance, sustainability, and food transparency documentation.

Growers are required to make a number of decisions regarding many aspects of their operations on a daily basis. FarmEngine is meant to be the Farm Manager in Your Pocket as a way to assist growers and their workers in tracking and making these key decisions. By setting Rules and Alerts, growers will be able to have some decisions made automatically and will be able to make better management decisions with all of the information included within the platform. Allowing advisors to include advice in the way of calculators, Rules, Alerts, and tasks in FarmEngine, growers will be able to make quicker decisions once a Rule is triggered. Advisors can set spray information, scouting guidelines, planting recommendations, etc within a given Rule to have it sent automatically once that rule is triggered.

All of these new capabilities are on top of the user configurable data collection and recently added capability to bring all of data (both manually- and automatically entered) to one map.

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