Conservis Announces New Software Benefits

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, Data, Software

conservisIf the former method of tracking data in pencil with a spreadsheet no longer fits the needs of today’s farmer, then neither does the one-size-fits-all solutions offered by the majority of ag software companies.

Conservis is announcing an alternative.  Their new software has unparalleled benefits over other farm management platforms.  The Conserivs Dashboard allows growers to see a “snapshot” of their fields, with key data points in a user-friendly interface.  The Dashboard provides widgets so growers can view consolidated, graphical information about their farm.
“Conservis Dashboard enables growers needing critical information to make important business decisions in a centralized, aggregated view,” said Pat Christie, CEO of Conservis. “Our ultimate goal is to help growers to maximize the power of their own data; this is a major step toward that goal.”

Conservis Dashboard also allows customers to see the first integration with Iteris ClearAg weather, soil and water data. These statistics give growers access to information that impacts field accessibility used to help plan activities. Future Iteris functionality involving predictive modeling will also be found in Conservis Dashboard.

Joel Mathiowetz, a grower out of Morgan, Minnesota, said, “Conservis allows us to really micromanage each field. Now I can track those bushels back to the inputs that were provided and I’ve got a true cost of production on a bushel basis versus a whole operation. It brought lots of information and data, and that always creates a great conversation for us to make our decisions going forward.”

The Conservis software is in the cloud and includes live support, training, and assistance.  The program is currently being used on more than $8 billion worth of agriculture land and assets.