Nutrient Efficiency Remains Top Focus for Koch Agronomics

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Ron Restum Koch AgronomicKoch Agronomic Services keeps pushing forward to develop products helping farmers protect their bottom line. While at Trade Talk, I spoke with Ron Restum, VP of North American Sales with Koch, about what Koch has to offer growers currently as well the innovative products that they are researching for future application.

The bulk of Koch’s business is focused on nutrient efficiency while helping to sustainably grow the industry. The Agrotain line of products helps with volatilization of nitrogen making nitrogen more efficient; Agrotain Ultra and Agrotain Advance are two of the most popular products, both can be applied to UAN or urea. Agritain Plus is applied to UAN to help keep nitrogen available where you placed it.

When asked about the impact that these products had in a year with major weather events like 2015, Ron said growers using their products saw a lot of value on both ends of the spectrum.

“We saw a lot of value in those geographies that got a lot more rain than normal. Those areas that were able to put on our SuperU or AgrotainPlus to prevent nitrogen loss below ground, they saw tremendous results because of it. For the areas where it was drier and they had to put nitrogen over the top, if they treated their urea with Agrotain, they reduced nitrogen loss. What everyone saw this year was what nitrogen loss looks like in heavy rain variance where you don’t have any protection.” Ron Restum, Koch Agronomic Services.

Koch is committed to developing products that are going to bring the greatest value to growers. They have also been working on a product for anhydrous ammonia for the last 4 years and are currently working with the EPA for full regulation. Koch is optimistic that they will be able to have a soft launch in late spring for use next fall.

KOCH is also researching the potential with biologics after a recent acquisition of a biological crop solutions company.

To hear more of Ron’s interview: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Ron Restum, Koch Agronomic”]

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