AgDNA Offers Data Solutions to Deere Owners

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, Apps, Audio, Data, John Deere

AgDNAPaul Turner of AgDNA took some time to talk with us at the recent Develop with Deere conference.  AgDNA offers an app and farm management system that takes the data right off of the machine in the field from the cloud and turns that data into information.  They’ve been working with John Deere and since 2013 and they offer their app directly to the John Deere dealers themselves.

Turner has a fifteen year history with precision agriculture and has watched as Deere began with an in-house policy about data to a time when they welcome third parties in order to meet the many needs of the marketplace.

“I guess its five or six years ago now that they started opening up APIs and allowing third parties such as AgDNA to have access, and as I’ve said it’s been quite revolutionary. I think not only for companies such as AgDNA, but for growers to be able to choose the solution of their preference that best suites their farm and also for the industry. We now see all the major manufacturers, not only in machinery but irrigation and elsewhere opening up third-party APIs, which makes it a far better marketplace for growers to have choices.

Turner feels the process is quite refreshing and looks forward to his continued partnership with Deere. To hear more about AgDNA listen to his interview with Chuck. [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Paul Turner, AgDNA at Develop with Deere”]