Kinze Celebrates 50 Years of Innovation And Looks Forward

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mike grypKinze is celebrating a long history of innovative projects over the last 50 years, and is keeping an innovative agenda for future products. Mike Gryp, District Manager for Kinze Manufacturing, spoke with us while at Trade Talk about what sets Kinze apart, and the exciting projects they’re working on to offer growers currently.

Jon Kinzenbaw, President and CEO of Kinze, was recently inducted into the AEM Hall of Fame; the industry is recognizing the offerings and impact that Kinze has made through their equipment. From the two-wheel grain cart and the rearfold planter, to the interplant planter, and everything going forward,

“At the company we have a very strong leader and founder in Jon. He wants to help, and is committed to building solutions to farmer problems. Now the rest of the industry is acknowledging the great things that he has done.” Mike Gryp, Kinze.

The innovation doesn’t stop for Kinze. Available now is a multi-hybrid planter that will allow farmers to change hybrids on-the-fly which will help produce good results for farmers and has shown a 7.9 bu/ac increase in a 3 year corn trial with Beck’s. Working with Pioneer, Kinze has seen an average soybean trial with 3 bu/ac increase.

Perhaps most exciting is Kinze’s new Blue-Verified Planter Program. In 2000, Kinze came out with their 3000 model series planters; they are nearing 15 years old. Now, to help dealers that have inventory concerns with used equipment and to help farmers have ease-of-mind when purchasing used equipment, Kinze is offering a one-year warranty on their Blue-Verified Planters.

To hear more of my interview with Mike Gryp: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Mike Gryp, Kinze”]

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