MyJohnDeere Expands Offerings with Marketplace

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john_deere_logo_3623The MyJohnDeere Operations Center continues to gain value for growers across the board. Andrea Peer, John Deere, spoke with Chuck Zimmerman while at Develop With Deere about new additions to the Operations Center, mainly the Marketplace.

“Marketplace is an ability for individuals [like those attending the Develop With Deere event] to put their contribution offers into the Marketplace. They will be able to alter offers based on who is logged in, for example if they want to sell to one customer and sell differently to another, they are able to do that.” Andrea Peer, John Deere.

Customers looking to buy on the Marketplace will see all the details about a contribution once they’ve logged in, and when they buy per their agreement with the contributor, their access to purchased contribution will be enabled. Contributors also have a set of tools enabling them to see their offers, who is looking, who is buying, and how they can alter course going forward.

Peer placed importance on providing value for both growers and retailers, “At the end of the day, we just want to help growers and ag retailers be able to support their operations as best as possible.”

Keep an eye out for their anticipated launch in early 2016 (January or February).

Listen to Chuck’s interview with Andrea Peer here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Andrea Peer, John Deere”]

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