Cover Crops in Focus at ASTA CSS & Seed Expo

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nafb15-asta-risaCover crops have been around for a long time in agriculture but are now gaining new attention in the conservation arena and the American Seed Trade Association (ASTA) is reflecting that at the CSS 2015 and Seed Expo next month in Chicago with a big new session on Taking Cover Crops Mainstream.

“We’re continuing to connect the dots so that everybody is on the same page and working together to accomplish sustainability,” said ASTA president Risa DeMasi during an interview at the National Association of Farm Broadcasting Trade Talk last week.

Few people are more passionate about cover crops than Risa, who is co-founder of Grassland Oregon, a leader in the development of new cover crops. “We’re commercializing some products that are coming on the market that really provide some solutions for challenges growers are facing,” she said. Grassland Oregon was a new participant in NAFB Trade Talk this year, as well as a sponsor of the NAFB convention. “Because we think we have a really great story to tell,” DeMasi added.

In this interview, Risa talks about some of the important issues that the seed trade industry is addressing when it comes to technology, trade, and feeding a growing population. [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with ASTA president Risa DeMasi”]

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