Year-Long Weed Management Is A Priority for FMC

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FMC At the recent National Association of Farm Broadcasters conference Chuck caught up with Thomas Quade, the Technical Service Manager at FMC Corporation (pictured left) and our sponsor for the event.

FMC offers some of the best practices for year-long management of weeds with products like Topguard, Authority, and Anthem Maxx. And according to Quade, its never too early to start thinking about weed control.

“The fact is its not too early to be making solid plans for next year.  In fact, many growers are applying herbicide this fall in no-till situations to control winter annuals and to provide some residual control of spring annuals into the spring.  We have several products that can be used in the fall: Authority MTZ, Authority XL, head of soybeans.  Authority MTZ a grower can choose to plant corn the following spring as well,” Quad tells us.

And with weed control becoming such an issue in the farm industry, its no surprise that the conversation quickly turned to the topic of resistance.

“Fundamentally, with the problems we’ve had with weed resistance- with Round Up especially, but other modes of action as well, other herbicides, it’s imperative that growers think very hard about their weed control program from year to year.”

For more of the latest on weed control listen to Chuck’s interview with Thomas Quade: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Thomas Quade, FMC Corporation”]

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