Farmers Edge Partnering With US Growers

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22655151397_dfa3e728d9_zFarmers Edge continues to focus on tying together the hardware, software, and agronomic aspects of a farmer’s operation by making it as easy as possible to implement new technology on their farms. Kolby Nichol, VP of Global Business Development, Farmers Edge, says the company is excited about moving further into the US market to partner with US growers.

“Precision agriculture is very top-of-mind right now,” said Nichol. “More information doesn’t necessarily help growers if it isn’t applicable. Farmers Edge processes that data to make applicable information for growers that they then can use to make guiding decisions for their operations.”

There are a lot of conversations around sharing information in today’s agriculture. Generally, different advisors (fertilizer, soil, equipment, for example) often provide different pieces of information to growers that they then have to put together. Farmers Edge offers a way to streamline the decision making process while providing unbiased data the growers can use to make decisions.

“FarmersEdge sets themselves apart by piecing together the hardware, software, and agronomy. We have an extremely strong technical team that can help with the very simple tasks as well the complex. When growers get in the tractor cab, we want to make sure their technology is going to work. Right now, the tipping point for precision agriculture is making it easy and user friendly in the field.”, Kolby Nichol, Farmers Edge.

Farmers Edge aims to produce predictive yield analysis data prior to harvest that can be used by the grower to make production decisions.

Listen to my interview with Kolby here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Kolby Nichol, Farmers Edge”]

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