MDA Weather Services Launches a New Platform

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, Risk Management, weather

weather deskMDA Weather Services (MDA) has released a new weather platform, Weather DeskTM.  The platform is designed to help those who need to manage risk from the weather.  It contains newly developed weather products and and enhanced MDA application.

“For over 30 years many of our customers and partners have come to depend on MDA for its industry leading weather guidance and information,” tell Travis Hartman, Director of Weather Services.  “With Weather DeskTM we wanted to complement and supplement that information by also putting a serious emphasis on presenting a robust user interface as well as a top notch user experience. Weather DeskTM is an exciting development for not just MDA Weather Services but also for all of its many users and integrators. We embarked on this project with the goal of not only creating a better environment for our users to access their products and services, but to also bring about a foundation that will allow us to better incorporate user ideas and continuously improve the MDA portfolio for many years to come. By aggregating the best weather data in the world and combining it with the industry-recognized MDA Weather Services team, MDA is able to deliver a stronger value to its users unlike ever before.”

The new platform offers:

    • Energy Desk: A dynamic 15-day forecast application featuring forecast risk and changes, 10 year/30 year comparison maps, and extended city forecasts with graphical depictions of numerous data sets thereby enabling users to better understand weather expectations at specific locations.
    • Ag Desk: A global 15-day forecast application highlighting crop impacts and risks, enhanced Cropscope tables, and an archive of maps and tables for the past 7 days thus allowing users to recognize weather impacts for the world’s various growing regions.
    • Real-Time Weather: A live, updating, and fully customizable page displaying up to four weather maps at once. Parameters include, but are not limited to: current radar/satellite, current and forecast temperatures, dew point/heat index, 1hr/24hr change, and many more. Users truly know what is happening in real time without having to leave the Weather DeskTM platform.

Check out the website for more of the services avaliable through Weather Desk.