Eco-Agro Resources Talks Penxcel at #NAFB15

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ecoagroEco-Agro Resources is committed to developing products that will help growers improve the efficiency of their fertilizers. With better handling, faster blending, and proven field performance, Eco-Agro Resources has set themselves apart with their Penxcel delivery system. They’re able to blend faster and blend in colder temperatures offering a competitive advantage for farmers who need to incorporate products like N-Bound into dry urea, liquid urea, or UAN.

“This year with the heavy rains in the Midwest, growers saw the true benefit of a nitrogen inhibitor,” said Eco-Agro Vice President Chuck Barber during an interview at NAFB Trade Talk. “The leaching and denitrification directly went to their yield in the field. Utilizing these types of technology is a safety net for your investment, which is your nitrogen. You are able to get a better uptake of nutrients. Unfortunately this year was the perfect storm to see the importance of it.”

As Eco-Agro Resources looks to the future, Barber says they understand the importance of innovation while being economical and responsible and are committed to delivering quality products that will truly benefit the farmer.

Listen to my interview with Barber here. [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Chuck Barber, Eco-Agro Resources”]

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