Trimble Adds Third-Party Apps To TMX-2050 Display

Taylor TruckeyTrimble

trimblelogoThe addition of several new third-party apps to Trimble‘s Android-based TMX-2050 display will allow farmers to manage today’s intricate farming operations while addressing region-specific needs.

“As we continue to add third-party apps on our TMX-2050 display, we are providing farmers with more localized choices so they can select the tools that best fit their machines, applications and regional needs,” said Pierre-Andre Rebeyrat, marketing director for Trimble’s Agriculture Division. “These apps can enable farmers to obtain needed information more easily and quickly, leading to more efficient management of their farm operations.”

The new apps fall into several categories including:

Diagnostic tools to identify and address implement error codes
Fertilizer calibration charts for various brands of spreaders
Identification of nutrient deficiencies
Planter adjustment recommendations for various planter brands
PDF reader
Work order and documentation-based software applications for agriculture

The apps are available for download from App Central marketplace on the TMX-2050 display. App Central provides farmers with enhanced flexibility to install apps, view descriptions and images, report issues, connect with developer partners, and stay current with on-demand updates. Users can search and find the apps most useful to their farm operations, language and regional compliance requirements.

Every new TMX-2050 display solution includes wireless connectivity allowing farmers to view ongoing field activities, real-time commodity prices, real-time weather conditions to guide irrigation and field deployment decisions, and other valuable task information in the Connected Farm™ dashboard—without ever leaving the machine cab. It also enables wireless data transfer of as-applied maps and other field activities such as planting, spraying or harvesting, simplifying the overall management and transfer of farm data files.

To learn more about the new apps, visit:
Companies interested in developing apps for the Android-based TMX-2050 display can visit to learn more.