SageInsights Integrates MyAgCentral With MyJohnDeere

Taylor TruckeyJohn Deere, technology

jd-develop-15-lambertSageInsights, a new joint venture between John Deere and DN2K, combines the capabilities of and the DN2K MyAgCentral platform. MyAgCentral has been in production for a couple of years and enables farmers to connect directly to agricultural retailers to share insights & data.

Susan Lambert, with DN2K, says the approach with MyAgCentral is to give ag retailers the advantage of seeing data for all of their growers in one location. MyAgCentral offers a multi-client view enabling the user to view multiple sets of data at the same time; having a single sign-on saves a lot of time.

Launched October 9th, SageInsights is aggressively moving forward with integration. The integration allows John Deere growers to very easily interact with their agricultural retailers, and for the ag retailers to send things back to their growers.

Listen to Chuck’s interview with Susan here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Susan Lambert, SageInsights”]

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