NovAtel Launches Compact Antenna Series

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, Equipment

NovAtelNovAtel Inc. is excited to announce the launch of their new GNSS-500 Series of patch antennas.  The new series features a new element and enclosure design and offers both single and dual frequency variants.

 A multi-point antenna feed results in a more stable phase center and better multipath rejection close to the horizon. This enhances the reliability, accuracy and performance of GNSS-500 antennas in dynamic environments. Signal reception is unaffected by the rotation of the antenna or satellite elevation, simplifying placement and installation. Vehicle mounting is easy with the antennas’ efficient, low profile design and magnetic or screw mounting options.

The new series has both the single-frequency GNSS-501 and a dual-frequency GNSS-502 antennas.  Both have great positioning performance and a reliable multipath rejection so they work will with NovAtel’s GLIDE pass-to-pass positioning, which are in demand in agriculture and machine control applications.

The GNSS-500 antennas come in a durable IP67 water resistant enclosure that are customizable with your brand.

You may order you new antenna now.