Farm Equipment Manufacturers Select Officers

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, Equipment

FEMAThe Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association recently appointed new officers to their Board of Directors.  During the 2015 Fall Convention the group selected the executive team of president, treasurer and secretary.

Ric KirbyRic  Kirby (pictured left), president of Kirby Manufacturing Inc., will succeed Mike Kloster as President of the organization.  He has served on the board since 2007.  The new treasurer is Marc McConnell.  A former president of the Association, he too has served since 2007.  Michael Irish comes on board as the secretary.  Irish works as Manager for Landoll Corporation’s Brillion Brand.

McFarlane was promoted to second vice president during the election on Oct. 30. Paul Jeffrey with MacDon Industries Ltd. in Winnepeg, Canada, advanced from second vice president to first. Mike Kloster, who completed his term as president with this election, is now an ex-officio member of the executive team.

The Board of Directors is comprised of 16 people serving a 725 member Association.  The represent farm equipment manufactures in the U.S. and Canada.