PrecisionAg Innovation Series Offers Ag Data Day

Taylor TruckeyData, technology

unnamedThe PrecisionAg Innovation Series is kicking off its 2nd year of events in January with a day of learning focused on Agriculture and Data. On January 26, 2016 in St. Louis, the one-day event will be focused on implementing data systems into agriculture and how it can truly be profitable for you on the ground. Paul Schrimpf, executive editor of Precision Ag magazine, and Lisa Prassack, owner of Prassack Advisors, will be moderating the event.

Grower and precision consultant panel discussions will headline the conference, providing a clear picture of the opportunities, challenges, and pain points growers are facing when building systems and partnerships to manage the data they collect. Expert speakers will share their perspectives on where the value of data will be greatest, and how growers, consultants and retailers will be able to take full advantage.

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