Dealer Perspective on John Deere Integrations

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jd-develop-15-hutchinsonWhile at the Develop With Deere conference, Ryan Hutchison, Integrative Solutions Manager of South Country Equipment in Saskatchewan, spoke of the passion that John Deere has for expanding and growing their hardware & data driven platform to benefit growers. Hutchison said attending Develop With Deere offers a great opportunity to see what new projects are in the works, as each decision made or announced at the event will impact their growers on a daily basis. With 4.5 million acres in the South Country network, Hutchison says that integration is becoming more important for their growers as time goes by.

“A lot of what we do is machine optimization and data management for growers. What growers are looking for now are other data sources that don’t necessarily come from a machine. Retailers are coming to them looking for business and ask the growers to learn their system. Growers are finally starting to kick back a little and saying no, ‘if you want our business, you need to learn our systems.’ They want their third-party advisors to learn the system their currently in.”, said Hutchison.

South Country Equipment has been working with third party companies to utilize integration with satellite imagery & agronomic data; these are key focus areas for the types of data their growers are looking for. Stay tuned for more conversations & insight from other Develop With Deere attendees as the week goes on!

Listen to Chuck’s interview with Ryan here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Ryan Hutchison, South Country Dealership”]

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