John Deere Expanding Contributions to MyJohnDeere

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jd-develop-15-kriegThere was a lot of excitement at the John Deere ‘Develop With Deere‘ Conference, as they working to integrate their MyJohnDeere platform with third parties. Kevin Krieg, John Deere, had a chance to speak with Chuck Zimmerman about why this is such a high priority for Deere, and what kind of value it can bring to growers using the MyJohnDeere Operations Center.

The John Deere Operations Center is a great place to go to get information coming directly from your John Deere machines, but allowing third party solutions (i.e. remote imagery, soil maps, weather alerts) will gather that data into the Operations Center. This will allow the grower to view the entire context of their season in one location; a ‘complete binder’ of information from their trusted advisers.

As the abilities of MyJohnDeere keep expanding, here is recap of what’s available and what’s to come. Right now users have the ability to import prescription files. They are introducing a ‘notifications center’ to receive information from third parties and trusted advisors, sending pre-populated job information, adding a field analyzer to add map layers for geospatial data, and are working on field analyzer documentation (specific content about a location in the field i.e. soil sample or scouting event).

Listen to Chuck’s interview with Pat here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Kevin Krieg, John Deere”]

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