Annual Sustainable Ag Expo Benefits Growers

Taylor Truckeysustainability

sustainable ag expoGrowers and farmers from across a variety of crop types will be attending the 11th Annual Sustainable Ag Expo November 16-17, 2015 in San Luis Obispo, California. The Expo is presented by the Vineyard Team and started as a way to explore issues facing the agriculture industry.

“It is a chance for farmers and researchers to come together, learn from each other, and engage in conversations with some of the brightest in the industry. Not only do we address production practices, we’re exploring initiatives from buyers like Campbell and Cisco that are influencing behavior.”, said Kris Beal, Executive Director for The Vineyard Team.

The Sustainable Ag Expo launched in 2004 when the Vineyard Team, actively conducting progressive research and education in vineyards, recognized that other crop industries (e.g. orchards, row crops, berries, and rangeland) engaged in forward-thinking and innovative work from which fellow farmers could learn. To that end, the Sustainable Ag Expo was developed to share information across crop types on important topics such as energy and water conservation, holistic management, integrated pest management and soil management.

Sessions include challenges facing California agriculture, management of invasive insect pests, floor management in perennial and annual cropping systems, the importance of bees to California agriculture, sustainable fertility management, disease and virus management in vineyards, irrigation during the drought, sustainability initiatives in the agri-food supply chain and how to improve practices and performance. Lastly, a law and regulations session will be held to conclude the event.