LibertyLink Real Yield Radio on Stations Near You

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Bayer CropScience Real Yield GameDo you recognize the famous radio voices of the Bayer CropScience Real Yield Game Contest? These are some award winners! Listen to one of the commercials that is running on radio stations right now.

When it comes to the game here’s how you play:

Visit and click on the promotion link.
1. Complete all fields in the registration or log-in process.
2. Select five fields in the game area to spray Liberty® to reveal incremental bushels of soybeans.
3. Look at the total number of incremental bushels of soybeans for all five fields in the silo and determine the prize won.

Limit three game plays per person – one game play for complete registration, one game play for completion of LibertyLink® Ratings/Reviews/Attributes, one game play for social sharing through the promotion website.

In the real world, missed weeds compromise real yield. The LibertyLink® system is simply a better solution that ensures you don’t lose yield from missed weeds. Choose LibertyLink® and Liberty® to maximize real yields with high-performing genetics and better weed control.

This LibertyLink Real Yield Radio spot features Gerald Roberts, MO farmer.

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