West Central Enhances Yield Guarantee

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, Fertilizer, Soil, yields

West CentralWest Central Distribution is stepping up their enhanced performance guarantee with the launch of their advanced chelating agent Levesol™, starter fertilizer Redline®, and IDC-combatting formula Soygreen®.  Designed for growers pursing new techniques, these products come with a guarantee of an increase in yield per acre.

The Performance Guarantee has also been expanded to include more products, expansion of crops and product performance on all acres.  The decision to expand stems from the success of the program this year, as well as further development of the Levesol chelation technology.  With the guarantee farmers have the opportunity to test Redline, Levesol and Soygreen for themselves, while having the assurance of a yield increase per acre minimum advantage.

Levesol is the most scientifically proven and only patent-pending chelate in the industry.
Levesol has three modes of action that make it unlike any other chelating agent on the market today. Levesol unlocks the nutrients it’s applied with in the fertilizer. It also unlocks the nutrients already present in the soil. Finally, Levesol keeps these nutrients available in the plant all season long.

“Redline and Soygreen both contain Levesol, which is the purest and highest concentration of ortho-ortho-EDDHA chelating agent that exists,” said Brian Kuehl, director of product development, West Central Distribution. “Levesol keeps nutrients in the fertilizer mixture and in the soil soluble for uptake, and makes other nutrients in the soil available to the plant. It also prevents the nutrients from binding with phosphorus, which leaves more phosphorus available for uptake. This technology is a proven method to increase nutrient efficiency and ultimately boost yield.”

“At West Central we are committed to helping growers get the maximum value from their fertility investment,” said Dean Hendrickson, vice president of marketing and business development, West Central Distribution. “We want growers to participate in the Performance Pledge guarantee to experience for themselves the impact they can have with improved yields and an increased return on their investment.”

Visit their website to learn how you can enroll in the program.