GROWERS Utilizes New Tech To Increase Yields

Taylor TruckeyFarm Management, GROWERS

growersGROWERS is using new technologies to revolutionize the way farmers are managing their operations. Precision farming & data-driven capabilities are the focus of GROWERS, allowing producers to take their personalized farm data to create customized plans that will allow them to reduce costs and increase yields. Opportunities like this are vital when commodity prices are sitting where they are at.

GROWERS is the first company to use an On-the-Go Organic Mapping (OM) Sensor, a highly specialized piece of equipment that collects hundreds of organic matter readings per acre and uses GPS to geo-locate each data point. Since organic matter is directly related to a soil’s yield capacity, the ability to map this attribute is highly beneficial for farmers.

“Farming is more than a livelihood—it’s a way of life, and these new technologies will help our customers secure their farms’ legacies for future generations.” – GROWERS CEO & Founder Steven Valencin.

GROWERS is also using a new device called a Passive Uplink Connection (PUC) to wirelessly connect to customers’ machinery and view in real-time all of their operational data.

“We provide a completely independent, full-service solution for farmers looking for ways to maximize every inch of their land, from soil fertility to input optimization and business profitability,” said Valencin.

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