Food Dialogues Heading to South Carolina

Taylor TruckeyFood, USFRA

FD_SouthCarolina1The next edition of the Food Dialogues travels to South Carolina to discuss the non-agricultural needs for water and the needs of the ag industry to use water to raise the food we all eat.

Water is a precious commodity and there have been local, state and federal solutions to making water available to all. In South Carolina, one such solution was the Surface Water Act of 2010, which made the state’s riverways available for agricultural use. Yet, there is a continued debate on the amount of water available for agricultural purposes.

Join the U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance and South Carolina Farm Bureau Federation for a Food Dialogues discussion on water use in South Carolina featuring farmers and ranchers and experts on water and sustainability.

During two separate panels, moderated by David Stanton, former broadcast news anchor, public affairs program host and political debate moderator, we’ll address the following questions:
Panel 1 – A Closer Look at South Carolina’s Water Needs

What are the state’s water needs? What options, such as the Surface Water Act of 2010, have been employed or evaluated to address those needs?
Panel 2 – Balancing the Demands for Water with the Need to Grow and Raise Food
Is agriculture the biggest user of water in the state? Are there technologies we can employ to better manage water being used by agriculture? What more can agriculture, business and residential users of water do to be more efficient users of this precious commodity?

More information, including registration to attend the event at the Brookland Baptist Banquet and Conference Center
at 1066 Sunset Blvd. in West Columbia, South Carolina, or to watch it via livestream is available here.