Fall 2015 Corn Harvest Progress – October

Taylor TruckeyHarvesting, USDA

oct harvestAs of October 13, 2015, corn harvest is progressing nearly exactly on schedule according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. With 42 percent of the crop harvested as of Sunday, total progress came with in one percentage point of the five-year average. Harvest totals ranged from 88 percent of the North Carolina crop to 15 percent of Colorado’s and North Dakota’s.

“Despite difficulties with early season flooding, the overall crop is on track to have the second-highest national average yield on record. At NCGA, we continuously work to grow demand for this sustainable, abundant crop as our nation’s farmers work hard to get it in the bins.” – NCGA President Chip Bowling

Over the same period, estimates of the crop condition remained stable with 68 percent of the crop in good or excellent condition. At this time last year, 74 percent of the crop fell within this range.

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