Bayer CropScience Plans 2016 Expansion In Greenhouse Markets

Taylor TruckeyBayer CropScience, Turf

bayerBayer CropScience has announced plans for an expanded presence into greenhouse & nursery markets during late 2016. The turf & ornamentals division will move to fully serve the production ornamentals market in November 2016. By marketing products and active ingredients previously marketed by OHP, Inc, Bayer will be able facilitate entry into the market & will be better able to serve professional growers in nurseries, greenhouses, and garden centers across the US.

“Moving ahead, Bayer looks forward to an exciting opportunity to be more directly engaged with the high-quality businesses in this vibrant industry and to get even closer to our customers.”, said Gilles Galliou, President of Bayer Environmental Science North America.

Bayer has supported the ornamentals markets with innovative chemistries for decades and with closer involvement, will also offer the service, expertise and trust its turf and landscape customers have relied on for years.