How Insurance, Conservation Can Work Together

John DavisConservation, Crop Insurance

farmfoundationlogo3Crop insurance provides an important risk management tool for farmers, especially in the short term. Conservation practices look to the long term to reduce farmers’ risks. Our friends at Farm Foundation will hold another one of their free forums on Thursday, Oct. 8, to examine how the relationship of crop insurance and conservation practices has evolved over the years, and policy options that might be considered for the future.

Moderating the panel will be Bruce Knight of Strategic Conservation Solutions.The panel will include:

Keith Coble of Mississippi State University, who will provide an overview of crop insurance and conservation practices, and how that relationship has evolved over the years;
Bruce Sherrick of the University of Illinois, who will discuss current policy dynamics;
Deb Atwood of AGree, who will discuss policy options generated by AGree’s Agricultural Conservation and Crop Insurance Task Force; and
Dan DeSutter, of DeSutter Farms Inc., who will provide a farmer’s perspective.

The forum will be 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. EDT at the National Press Club, in Washington, D.C., with a live audiocast is available free of charge here.

This link has more information, including registration.

There is no charge to participate in the Oct. 8 Forum, but registration is requested. Register online to attend the Forum in person at the National Press Club. Registration is required for the live audiocast and can be completed here.