Hagie Introduces Next Generation Sprayer

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, Equipment, Spraying

Hagie 2The 2016 DTS10 is the newest, most innovative applicator in the Hagie Mfg. product line.  It is lightweight, rugged and self-propelled for the next generation of applicators.  The sprayer is a state-of-the-art machine, capable of widening the application widow and maximizing productivity.

It is the smallest applicator with a high clearance frame, 1,000 fallow capacity, and boasts the industry’s lightest weight and most well balanced design.

Over the past two decades, applicators have become an increasingly vital piece of production agriculture. Within this timeframe, the industry has experienced adoption trends toward larger, yet significantly heavier, equipment solutions to meet developing demands for enhanced productivity.

In recent years, Hagie Mfg. deliberated on the creation of an ultimate sprayer for the evolving industry needs of the next decade. This machine design would definitively be encompassing of key industry drivers including being weight, balance, capacity, application speed, boom width, grade ability, maneuverability, precision compatibility, safety, price and comfort.

Hagie“When evaluating the mid-sized self-propelled sprayer market, customers made clear the desire for a low weight, balanced machine that is compact and maneuverable; all while staying highly productive and lower cost than larger commercial sprayers,” stated Newt Lingenfelter, Senior Product Manager. “The 2016 DTS10 by design has a perfectly balanced, lightweight frame that carries a low center of mass, thus making it compact and easy to maneuver in tight areas. It also features many of the high end options that in the past were only available on the larger units, such as all wheel steer, auto fold, a premium cab, as well as all precision capabilities.”

The 2016 DTS10 is designed for application from early spring to late in the season.  It’s high clearance design, narrow crop package, 90′ boom, drive and auxiliary hydraulic system helps it deliver maximum profit potential while still offering a comfortable cab.