Corn Harvest is Underway

Kelly MarshallCorn, Harvesting, USDA

corn-harvest18 reporting states report that corn harvest in now underway.  The USDA reports that 18 percent of the corn crop has been harvested as of Sunday.  The crop condition reports remain the same– 68 percent of corn is rated at good or excellent while 22 percent is considered to be in fair condition.

Predictably the southern states, including Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee and Texas, report more than half their crop harvested.  Michigan, Minnesota and North Dakota report the fewest number of harvested acres, but overall percentages are up from last year; reports from this date last year were 11 percent.  The five year average is 23 percent.

Other key harvests now underway include soybeans (21 percent harvested in 18 states), cotton (11 percent in 15 states), sorghum (36 percent in 11 states), peanuts (18 percent in eight states), sugarbeets (17 percent in four states) and rice (69 percent in six states).

You can view the USDA report for yourself to see specific crops and states.