Thermal Grade Cameras for Drones

Kelly MarshallAerial Imagery, Agribusiness, drone, UAS, UAV

FLIRFLIR Systems, Inc. has announced the addition of FLIR Vue™ thermal imaging camera series for drones.  The FLIR Vue Pro offers expanded options such as precision thermal imaging, enhanced data collection capabilities, in-flight control of camera functions, and simple mobile apps.

In addition to providing the same easy power-in/analog video-out connection that has been so popular on the FLIR Vue, the FLIR Vue Pro records digital thermal video, along with thermal still images, to an on-board micro-SD card. This on-board recording allows operators to capture thermal data for later analysis. Video files can be recorded in either MJPEG or H.264 format, while the 14-bit still images provide high dynamic range imagery for mapping and survey applications.

The Accessory Port gives direct control of camera functions like changing the image’s color palettes, starting and stopping recording, and the camera’s e-zoom. With MAVLink compatibility, the FLIR Vue Pro interfaces easily with the standard flight control systems used for mapping, survey, and precision agriculture missions. It can be configured to automatically capture images and annotate each image with the aircraft’s position and other critical flight information. These images are then instantly compatible with leading imaging stitching and orthomosaic-creation software like Pix4Dmapper.

“Building on the pioneering of the original FLIR Vue, the FLIR Vue Pro puts even more thermal imaging functionality and greater flexibility in the hands of sUAS operators,” said Jeff Frank, FLIR’s Senior Vice President for Product Strategy. “The Vue Pro enables commercial drone operators to provide clients with the actionable, temperature-based data to increase efficiency and improve critical business decisions.”

The camera is easy to set up via Bluetooth interface and custom app for iOS or Android.  Using the app operators can control functions to get the best imagery without the need to connect to a computer.

The FLIR Vue Pro will be available for purchase later in 2015.  For more information please visit