New Anchor Package Means More Irrigation

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, Irrigation, water

valley logoValley Irrigation, leader in Precision Irrigation, is offering a product for growers utilizing land that can’t be irrigated with traditional center pivots.  The new anchor package extends the reach of an irrigation machine, allowing the center pivot to bend and wrap.  The Bender Anchor has a reach of up to 2,000 feet after the Bender.  In addition, the Bender Anchor can be used on rough or rolling ground as well.

Only Valley offers an anchor for its bending units because only Valley pivots have the strength to handle long Bender machines, said Valley Irrigation Vice President of Global Marketing Matt Ondrejko.

“Our studies found that growers can increase their profits by at least $300 per acre in Nebraska, just by irrigating more of the land they already have,” Ondrejko said. “The new Bender Anchor extends those irrigated acres at a low per-acre cost, improving yield and profit.”

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