On Target Application Academy Graduates Grow

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fps-basf-otaaBASF Crop Protection has been sponsoring the On Target Application Academy was started in 2012 and in the past three years the program has trained about 10,000 farmers and commercial applicators in 20 different states.

Application technology extension specialist Scott Bretthaur with the University of Illinois, one of the program advisers, says the goal is educate about spray technologies and techniques for safe and effective application of crop protection chemicals. “The average On Target Application Academy is about two hours long,” he said during an interview at Farm Progress Show. “We go through information related to different nozzle types, spray adjuvants, how to match that up with droplet size depending on the herbicide, also some of the sprayer technology out there,” he said.

Learn more in this interview: [wpaudio url=”http://traffic.libsyn.com/zimmcomm/fps-basf-otaa.mp3″ text=”Interview with application extension specialist Scott Bretthaur”]

basf-tn-sprayBASF has been actively promoting the importance of proper application techniques in preparation for anticipated registration of Engenia™ herbicide later this year. At research farms in various areas of the country, BASF has been demonstrating the correct nozzle for use in applying Engeniathe Turbo TeeJet Induction (TTI) – and why it is so effective.

Watch the video below to see the TTI droplet size demonstration in vivid purple!

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BASF Southern Media Event in Tennessee